Yang Lishe

1.Basic information

Lishe Yang, male, was born in july 1963, Wugong of Shaanxi Province. Professor and graduate tutor. Professor Yang spent his college life in Northwest Agriculture College, majored in management and economics of agriculture and got agriculture bachelor degree and master degree between 1981-1987. In 1987-1999, he worked in institute of agricultural sciences academy in shaanxi Province and engaged in agriculture economics research. After1999, he worked in Economics and Management Academy of Northwest Agriculture and Forest University and engaged in research and teaching about finance and program management. In 1999-2000,he worked in development and the reform committee of Shaanxi province (was loaned out) to engage in investment plan management and the rural development research. In June of 1999, he was selected to be “35”talent person of Shaanxi province. 

2.Research direction

Executive and management of financing , Financial theory and rural finance policy. 


Undergraduate: Finance , Investment, Public Finance,Basic method of scientific research;

Postgraduate:Investment Economy, Project Management, Rural Finance and Insurance; 

4.Academic  achievement

Since started work in 1987, Professor Yang have presided or participated more than 50 national-level and provincial-level major research projects. He had undertook and completed several editorial tasks about major industry planning of Shaanxi province, won 14 scientific or technical awards, in which 9 are provincial-level awards. He had published academic papers more than 90, and compiled 5 books. In 1987, participated in and completed the research of rural economic development of Qin-ba mountainous region, which was cascaded by National Agricultural Regional Planning Office. Shaanxi agricultural regionalization won the first award of the scientific and technological progress pride which written in 1987-1990. In 1989, the research of Steady increase the grain-level of the Shaanxi province won the third prize of Shaanxi philosophy and social science. The research of building marketable grain base won the first prize of Outstanding Achievement of the rural development research center in 1990. Agricultural Technology Contract of Xingping county in Shaanxi province, which was written in 1989-1993, won the second prize of Shaanxi agricultural extension results. The study about leading industry research and development of Shaanxi province countryside won Second prize of the Ministry of Agriculture and ministerial-level agricultural zoning in 1992-1993. In 1993-1994, he participated in and completed the study of Research and development in medium- and low-yield fields, which won the third prize of the Ministry of Agriculture and ministerial-level agricultural zoning. In 1996, he presided the research of agricultural investment system which belongs to Shaanxi province soft science. In 1998, he presided the study of Development Strategy of Export Agriculture of Shaanxi province, which won third prize of Philosophy and social science. The Shaanxi province major S&T projects--Zhangtou township’s Integrated Demonstration Base of Agricultural Science and Technology of Xing Ping in Shaanxi province was written in 1996-2000 won the second prize of agricultural technology promotion in 2001.

At present, he presides several research programs, such as Research on the Financial Supports of the Development of Characteristic Industrial Cluster(Finance Bureau of Yangling Demonstration Zone, 2013-2015), Research on Cultivation and Development of New Agriculture Managing Body in Shaanxi Province(Development and Reform Commission of Shaanxi Province,2014-2016). in the last years,he had pulished more than 20 academic papers on Finance and Accounting Monthly, Friends of accounting, Northern horticulture, and so on. 

5.Contact information

Postal address: Economics and Management Collage, Northwest A&F University,No.3 Taicheng Road,Yangling,Shaanxi province.

Postal code:   712100

Tel:          029-87081141