Gao Jianzhong

Gao Jianzhong:
April 1968, Professor, master supervisor, Department of Agriculture Economics.

Visiting schollar . 2007-2008,Torono Canada.
Ph.D. 2005. Northwest A&F University. Management.
M.A. 1999. Northwest Forest College. Forest Management.
B.A. 1991. Northeast Forest University.Economics and Management of Forestry.

Research Fields
Forestry Economics, Agronomy Economics, Ecological Economics, Cooperative Economics..

Teaching Courses:
System Engineering Management, Agriculture and Forest Economics, Ecological Economics.

Research Programs:
1. 2000 - 2002, NWAFU funded program of Research on the Evaluation of Visible and Invisible Product of Forest.
2. 2002 - 2003, Strengthening the Enabling Environment and Building Institutional Capacity to Combat Land Degradation of China,funded by Asian Development Bank in 2002
3. 2001 - 2003, China- German cooperated program Research on The Comprehensive Development Path of Black River Area.
4. 2001 — 2003, Shanbei Hignland Demonstrated Item for production base of new generation of Pistachios,Shaanxi Water and Soil Protection Bureau.
5. 2003 - 2004, National Forestry Bureau funded program of research on The Integrated Management of the Wild Animal and Plant Conservation of Our Country.
6. 2001 - 2003, NWAFU funded program of research on the living Creature Property Capitalization.
7. 2006 -2008, Research on the integrated management of the fruit industry organization in Shannxi Province
8. 2010 - 2012, Function comprehensive assessment of farmer cooperative from perspectives of agriculture modernization and farmer willingness, funded by Education Ministry.

9. 2010-2015,Monitoring of Forestry Property Right Reform.  funded by State Forestry Administration  

Selected Publications
The main research field covers Agronomy Economics, Forest Economics, and Zoology Economics
1.GAO JianzhongT. Systems Stimulation and reliability assessment of Chinese Carbon Sequestration MarketT*.  published by Journal of Systems Science & Complexity,2014(4)

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6. Jianzhong Gao: The New Thinking Road of Returning Cropland to Forest in West Development, published by China Forestry Business, 2005(5)
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19.Jianzhong Gao: Ecological thingking and ecological democracy. published by journal of Beijing foestry university. 2010(1).

1. Study on compensation of forest ecological value . published by China Agriculture Publisher in 2006.
2. Bin Xiao, Jianzhong Gao: Marketing, published by Map Publisher of world in 2002.
3. Shunbo Yao, Jianzhong Gao: Modern business enterprise management, published by Science Publisher in 2004.

Contact Information
College of Economics and Management
Northwest A&F University (NWAFU), China.
3 Taichengi Road, Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, P. R. China
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