Jiang Zhide

I. General Information

Dr.Jiang Zhide, Male, Born in August 1964

Professor, Director of Economics Department

Collegeof Economics and Management in Northwest A& F University 

Address: No.3 Taicheng Road Yangling , Shaanxi Province, China

Post code: 712100

Tel:+86 029 87081742 / 

Dr. Jiang Zhide is a professor at College of Economy and Management in Northwest A&F University of in China. As an interdisciplinary scholar, he holds a BSc in Agronony, a MA in Economics, and a PhD in Management. Before joining the University in July 1993, he had two years experience of agriculture technology extension at the Forestry Bureau of Hanzhong , Shaanxi Province.  

As a college teacher, His major courses are microeconomics, macroeconomics, ecological economics, resources and environment economics, agriculture economics and so on. He has a wide range of research interests in areas of sustainable land use, eco-economical valuation of agricultural ecosystem service, ecological compensation of agriculture watershed, ecological restoration and economical transformation in west China, sustainable agriculture development, technology and policy of agricultural climate change, food security and ecological security. He is the author of sole monograph Strategies for Sustainable Land Use of China (Chinese Agriculture Press, 2004) and 5 co-operative teaching books, alongside with more than 100 academic papers, book chapters and research reports.

Ⅱ.Educational Background

2001.9-2002.1 Graduation Certificate in Advanced English in Xi'an International Studies University

1996.9-2000.7  Doctor's degree in Agricultural Economics and Management in NWAFU

1990.9-1993.7  Master of Economics in Renmin University of China

1984.9-1988.7  Bachelor of Agronomy in Northwestern Agricultural University

Ⅲ. Work Experience

2013.6        Short-term visiting scholar to NJIT, US

2011.8        Short-term visiting scholar at University of Reading, UK

2011.4        Short-term visiting scholar at Taiwan University and Chiayi University in Taiwan

1993.7 to the present    Lecturer, Associate professor, Professor in Northwest A&F University

1988.7-1990.8  Assistant Engineer at Hanzhong Forestry Bureau in Shaanxi Province


Graduate:  Ecological Economics, Advanced Microeconomics

Undergraduate: Introduction to Economics, freshman seminar, Basic research methods, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

. Research Field

Agricultural Resource Economics and Environmental Management / Sustainable Development in Rural Areas Planning and Evaluation

Professor Jiang Zhide and his team  is committed to long-term research economic incentive approaches to improve the agricultural ecological environment. He believed that since the ecological and environmental problems is the consequences of improper human economic activities, by improving the existing economic system must be able to find a mechanism to reduce or eliminate that negative effect. We should take advantage of people's profit nature, combined with the normal functioning of market mechanisms to achieve proper ecological benefits at the same time to obtain economic benefits.

Recent research interests

(1) Study on Agricultural Ecological Economical Joint Production. Using the old economics concept joint production, we have explored the agriculture eco-economical coupling effects and ecological compensation mechanism in the area of Returning Farmland to Forest in Loess Plateau. We intend to quantitative accounting ecotype joint product value, then discuss the mechanism related properties, types, intensity and encourage on producers’ joint production in agricultural activities.

(2) Exploration on Low Carbon Development Mechanism and Pattern of Agriculture. In the context of international action to address agricultural climate change, trying to use carbon measurement methodology for quantitative calculation of comprehensive carbon effect of typical household production, and to explore the farmers' low carbon production mode and incentive problems. The use of the market mechanism to realize farmers ecological carbon interests, on the basis of this, research and design possible solutions to promote the development of low carbon agriculture.

(3) Practice on Modern Ecological Farm Planning and Organic Agricultural Development. Through the rural land planning and landscape reconstruction, combined with funding and technical intervention, making use of modern enterprise management system to drive dispersed farmers to meet market demand with safety food, vigorously develop ecological farms and organic agricultural products, remodeling effective way for ecological agriculture in which the ecological, economic and social value could be reconstructed.

.Research Projects

(1) Research on Mechanism and Policy of the State Investment for Ecological Security in the Loess Plateau (to participate). The project was commissioned by Yellow River Water Resources Management Committee,2013.5-2013.12

(2) Urban Modern Agriculture Industry Development Planning for Baotou City (to participate). The project was commissioned by Baotou Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,2012.8-2013.1

(3) Research on Erosion Control Measures of Oil and Gas Development in the Loess Plateau (to participate). The project was commissioned by Changqing Oilfield Co.,Ltd, 2012.1-2012.12

(4) Research on Modes and Policy for Farmers’ Low-carbon Production in the Land Use Conversion Area of Loess Plateau (chair). China CDM Fund Grants, 2012.12-2015.12

(5) Survey on Policy Forecasting of Land Use Conversion Project (chair). The research task was commissioned by Economic Development Research Center of State Forestry Administration,2012.12-2014.1

(6) Pattern and Mechanism on Innovation of Agricultural Science and Technology in Yangling High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone (chair), The project was commissioned by People's Congress Committee of Shaanxi Province,2012.8-2012.12

(7) Integration and Demonstration to the Key Technology for Water and Soil Conservation and Efficient Agriculture in Loess Hilly Area (to participate). Technology Support Program Topics of the National Twelfth Five Year Plan, 2011.01-2015.12

(8) Joint Production, Farmers’ Selection and Agricultural Ecological Compensation Mechanism for Backward Era of Farmland Conversion in the Loess Plateau (chair). The project of National Natural Science Fund, 2011.01-2013.12

(9) Management Mode and Key Technology for Ecological Water Delivery in Small Watershed of North Hebei Mountain(in charge of sub-topics). Public sector special funds of Ministry of Water Resources of China, 2010.01-2012.12

(10) Research on Mode and Policy Support Systems for Ecological Well-off Village Building in Guanzhong Area of Shaanxi Province (chair). Shaanxi Soft Science Projects, 2008.10-2009.9

(11) Research on Integration Control Techniques for Water and Soil Erosion in the Loess Plateau (to participate). Technology Support Program Topics of the National Eleventh Five Year Plan, 2008.01-2010.12

(12) Mode and Process for Coupling of Agricultural Eco-economic System in the Farmland Conversion Regions of Hilly Loess Plateau(to participate). The project of National Natural Science Fund, 2008.01-2010.12

(13) Research on Ecological Compensation Mechanism for Energy Development Process in Shaanxi Province(to participate). The project was commissioned by Water and Soil Conservation and Ecological Environmental Monitoring Center of Shaanxi Province,2007.8-2008.8

(14) Theoretical and Empirical Process of Compensation Mechanism for Chinese Forest Tenure System and Circulation of Forest Property Right (to participate). State Forestry Soft Science Projects, 2003.12-2004.12

(15) Study on Peasant Vocational Education in Building of Rural Well-off Society (to participate). The bidding project from Jiu San Society Central Committee, 2003.6-2003.12

(16) Research on the Optimal Allocation for Sustainable Use of Land Resources under Open Conditions in Northwest China (chair). Key projects of Youth Fund of Northwest A& F University, 2003.1-2005.12

(17) Research on the Mechanism of Sustainable Use of Land Resources (chair). Youth Fund Project in Northwestern Agricultural University, 1999.1-2000.12

.Selected papers

(1) Jiang Zhide. Innovative ecological compensation mechanism for the Conversion from Cropland to Forest Project by the perspective of joint production. Gansu Social Science, 2014, (1): 232-235.

(2) Liu Huijing, Jiang Zhide, Wang Jijun. Multi linear analysis on influence factors of development of agricultural subsequent industry in farmland conversion area of Loess Plateau. Economic Geography, 2014,34, (2): 125-130.

(3) Chen Houtao, Jiang Zhide. Analysis on the farmers’ wishes and behavior of ecological construction for slope farmland conversion – data from the survey of Ansai County and Mizhi County. Journal of China Agricultural University, 2013,18 ,(4): 224-231.

(4) Du Jianbin, Jiang Zhide. Weak Incentive of ecological compensation for slope farmland conversion under the conditions of joint production -- based on the farm household model. Issues of Forestry Economy, 2013,33 (3): 204-212.

(5) Liu Yingying, Jiang Zhide. Analysis on adjustment type of industrial structure for conversion of cropland to forest in typical village of Ansai County. Issues of Forestry Economy, 2013,33, (4): 355-360.

(6) Li Conghui, Jiang Zhide, Xie Yongsheng. Study on the measures of water and soil conservation function adjustment in source of water district – take North Hebei Mountain Area which is source of water district of Beijing-Tianjin as an example. Soil and Water Conservation of China, 2012,358, (1): 11-13,44.

(7) Lu Wei Ye, Jiang Zhide, Zhang Yinglong, Xie Yongsheng, Wang Jijun. The loss of ecosystem services value caused by food security assessment model and it's application. Acta Ecologica Sinica,2012,32,(8): 2561-2570.

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(30) Jiang Zhide. Look at the development of environmental industry from the eco-economic function of environment. Ecological economics, 2004, (11): 71-72/75.

.Published Books

Chinese Soil and Water Conservation and Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Loess Plateau (co-author). Science Press, 2014.4

Monitoring Report on Social and Economic Benefits of National Key Forestry Projects(2013) (AP), China Forestry Publishing House, 2014.3

Innovation Mechanism and Pattern on Agricultural Science and Technology in Yangling High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone(editor) Northwest A&F University Press, 2012.12

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April 2013, the achievements in scientific research " The key solution of Watershed Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development in Loess Plateau " won the First Prize of Science and Technology from Yangling High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone

2011-2013, Received the honorary title of "Outstanding Instructor for Students' Science and Technology Innovation" from Northwest A&F University,

2011, 2013, Received the honorary title of "Advanced Individual for Participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs" from Jiu San Society Central Committee

2002, 2005, 2010, 2012-2014, Received the honorary title of "Advanced Individual for Participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs and message passing" from Jiu San Society Shaanxi Provincial Committee