Wang Zhibin

BIRTHDATE : November, 1965
Professor, Master tutor, Member of China Agricultural Law Research Association, Lawyer 

Bachelor in Northwest University of Politics and Law, 1989.7
Master in Northwest Agricultural College, 1997.7
Doctor in Agricultural Economics Management, Northwest Agricultural University, 2009.7

Assistant, Northwest Agricultural University, 1989.7-1994.7
Lecturer, Northwest Agricultural University, 1994.7-2000.12
Associate Professor, Northwest A&F University, 2000.12-2014.7
Vice Mayor, Qindu Distric, Xianyang City of Shaanxi province, 2005.4-2008.7

Associate Dean, Economics and Management, Tarim University, 2011.9-2014.8

Professor, Northwest A&F University, 2014.8to present


Agricultural Economic Management,

Land Law, Resources and Environmental Law, Agricultural Extension and Rural Policy Studies

1)Chaired more than 10 research tasks, mainly as follows:

Directed the school Youth Fund Project: Western Land Tenure and farmers’ income

Directing the school Teaching Reform Project: Agricultural and Forestry Universities Economics and Management Specialty Theory and Practice in Curriculum Reform about Economic Law

Directing the Yangling Demonstration Zone project: Research on Agricultural Circular Economy in Yangling Demonstration Zone

Directing the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Soft Science Projects: Research on Based on Agricultural Modernization Agricultural Land of Corps Management System Reform

Directing the Ministry of Education and Science Planning Project: Research on Coordination and Policy Support System in Rural Land Contract Management and Scale Management in Xinjiang Province

2)Major Publications


Editor of "New Land Law Course" (Law of Higher Education textbooks), Peking University Press 1999.11

Editor of "Land Law Guide" (planning materials Higher Institute of Political Science), China University of Political Science Press, 2005.2

Editor of "Practical Law Course" (Law of Higher Education textbooks), the Economic Daily Press 2002.9

Deputy Editor of "Agricultural Law Guide" ("Eleventh Five-Year" national key publishing planning projects), China University of Political Science Press, 2011.1

Authored the "research legislation to protect farmers' land rights", Northwest A & F University Press 2011.5


Has published more than 50 papers, the followings are papers published in recent three years as the firstauthor and corresponding author:

Research on Farmland Property Arrangement Based on Protect the Interests of Farmers. Productivity Research,2009(5):32-34

Research on Development Right to Landless peasants. Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences,2009(6):2823-2824

Study on Development Direction of Chinese Agricultural Land System from different Stages of Agricultural Output after the Liberation. Productivity Research,2009(10):30-31

Problems and Recommendations about Current Chinese Expatriate Labor Facing. World Agricultural,2009(12):56-57

Empirical Study of the Relationship between Hawthorn Industry Clusters and Economic Growth in Jiang County . Journal of Guangdong Agricultural Sciences,2010(12):301-303

Legal System Thinks on Vacant Rural Homestead Management . Ecological Economy,2010(3):107-109

Analysis on the Main Regional Economic Development Differences in Shaanxi Province Based on Panel Data. Journal of Industrial Technological Economics,2010(12):32-38

Data Envelopment Analysis on Citrus Production Efficiency in China. Northern Horticulture,2011(4):190-197

Factors Analysis on Kiwi Production in Shaanxi Province. Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University,2011(4):15-19

Empirical Analysis on Influencing Factors of Farmers' Income in Shaanxi province Based on Income. Northern Horticulture,2011(7):201-204

Classification on Farmers Grain Behavior and Its Influencing Factors Based on. Farmers Choice Behavior. Journal of Guangdong Agricultural Sciences,2011(11):207-208

Empirical Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Citrus .Inquiry into Economic Issues,2011(12):185-190


"New Land Law Course" textbook arrived the provincial teaching achievement Second Prize  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region government  2005-1

Address: TaiCheng Road No. 3, Yangling, Shaanxi, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A&F University
Postcode: 712100