Lu Dehong

LüDehong,who was born in Aug.1969,in Yongshou, Shaanxi province, PhD, professor and tutor for Master students. In September 1993, graduated from the Northwest Agriculture University; in December 1998, obtained the management science Master's degree in the Northwest Agriculture University; in July 2002, obtained the management science doctorate in the Northwest A & F University. In December 1998, was promoted the lecturer, in December 2003, was promoted in the Northwest A & F University as associate professor, in December. 2009, was promoted in Northwest A & F University as professor.
From February to July in 1995, Prof.Lüstudied in Shaanxi Finance and Economics College; went to Vienna University of Economics in Austria as a visiting scholar from September to December in 2004; from February to July in 2007, received English training in Xi'an Foreign Language University; went to University of Maryland in USA as a visiting scholar from Sep.2008 to Sep.2009; have interviewed University of Cambridge and University of Manchester in UK for academic exchange in Dec.2014.
Prof.Lümainly research is on finance theory and policy, international finance, rural finance.

Teaching and Research
Prof.Lü is responsible for "International Finance", "Commercial Bank Management", " Money and Banking", "International Financial Markets" and "International Economics". Main research projects were listed below.
1. Finance innovation personnel training mode reform and practice in agriculture universities, The educational reform key research project in shaanxi province,2013-2015
2.The impact of Chinese national culture on the organizational culture of Sino-Austrian joint ventures in comparison to Chinese companies,Eurasia Pacific Uninet in Austria,2013
3.Property rights mortgage financing model research in western rural regions, Innovative Research Team supported by China education ministry, 2011-2014

4."Commercial Bank Management" course teaching reform, Northwest A & F University, 2007.12-2008.12.
5. Shanxi country debt to resolve technical studies, Shaanxi Province Soft Science, 2007-2008
6."Commercial Bank Management" courses project, Northwest A & F University, 2007-2008
7. Financial professionals to enhance the quality of undergraduate teaching engineering, Northwest A & F University, 2007-2008
8."International finance" network course construction, Northwest A & F University, 2006-2007
9. Western Transformation of micro-credit model, Northwest A & F University, 2005-2007
10. "Money and Banking" courses, the provincial quality course, 2005-2007
11. Agriculture growth of high-tech enterprises, the National Social Science Fund, 2004-2006

1.Analysis of Factors Affecting Farmers’ Willingness to Participate in Biological Assets Mortgage, Journal of China Agricultural University 2014.2
2.Expert, FDI, and Economic Growth in China: A Study Based On SVAR Model, Journal of Accounting and Economics 2014.3
3.Monetary Policy, Risk-taking of Banks and Super Efficiency-An Empirical Study Based On Panel Data of Chinese Commercial Banks, Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics 2014.6
4.The Differentiation and Collaboration Research on the Effect of Grain Productivity Due to Agriculture Capitals Investment Channels, Journal Agrotechnical Economics 2013.6
5.Influencing Factors of the Credit Rating Based on the Polytomous Logit Model, Journal of China Agriculture University 2013.3
6.Influencing Factors of the Villager Satisfaction with Village Committee Based on Factor Analysis: Evidence from Shaanxi,China (EI Index),Applied Mechanics and Materials 2013.1
7.The Operational Mode, Problems and Counter Measures of the Farmers’ Biological Assets Mortgage Financing, Journal of South China Agriculture University 2013.2
8.On the Basis of EVA Research on the Correlation of the Performance of Listed Commercial Banks Based on the Stock Price Volatility, Communication of Finance and Accounting 2013.2
9.The Advantages, Operational mode, Policy Studies of the Professional Farmer Cooperative Participating in Farmers’ Loan guarantee, South China Finance 2013.9
10.RMB Equilibrium Exchange Rate and the Measure of Misalignment’s Degree–the Empirical Research on the basis of BEER model, Finance and Economy 2011.4
11.Influencing Factors of the Payment Rate of Microfinance in Western China, Commercial Research 2011.7
12.Order Research of Farmers Microfinance Repayment Influencing Factors Diversity about Part-time Behavior, Financial Theory and Practice 2011.3
13.Demanding Affecting Factors Analysis for Personal Financial Management Business:An Empirical Approach Based on Factor Analysis Model(EI Index),Proceedings of 2011 ICIII  2011.11
14.Research on Micro-credit Impact on Farmers Income: Relevance, Question and Measurement (EI Index),Proceedings of 2010 ICEEE 2010.3
15.The Empirical Research of the Influence of the Microfinance on the Farmers’ Income in Western China, Research on    Development 2009.3
16.The Limitation of the New RMB Exchange Rate Mechanism, Review of Economic Research 2008.7
17.Broaden the Personal Financial Services of the State-owned Commercial Banks with Foreign Experience, Zhejiang Finance 2007.1
18.Research on the Market Segmentation of Personal finance Product on the Basis of Cluster Analysis–YangLing District of Shaanxi Province as an example, Hainan Finance 2010.8
19.Financial Support to Industrial Structure Upgrade in Shaanxi, Journal of Northwest A&F University 2007.4
20.The Microfinance Model and Transformation Measures in Western China, Rural Economy 2003.4
21.Research on the New Mechanism of the Agriculture Science and Technology Venture Capital, Science and Technology Daily 2003.1.24

In July 2005, the "Money and Banking" courseware was the second prize of provincial education; in October 2006, "Commercial Bank Management" Teaching Reform Teaching papers received first prize; June 2007 "Commercial Bank Management" course teaching reform in teaching university in obtained the second prize; in April 2009, "Economics and Management Science and Engineering Teaching Quality Assurance System Construction and Practice" was the provincial Education Award; in July 2012, “The macroeconomic effect to income distribution and economic balanced growth” was second prize in Chinese commercial economy  Institute outstanding papers.

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