Wang Lili

Prof. Wang Lili, born in April 1960 at Pucheng County, an advisor of PhD candidate majoring in Agro-economics & management and Agro-tech-economics, graduated from Northwestern Agro-University in July 1982 while entered the University as a teacher, and obtained a master degree of Agro-Economics & Management in 1989 and a PhD in 2003.
Wang has been engaged in teaching and research of Agro-economics &management since 1982, and opened Principals of Statistics, Managerial Accounting for undergraduate students, and Industrial Organization for graduate students as well as some topics for PhD candidates.
Wang has published more than 55 articles related to Agro-economics, Agro-management, Industrial clusters and Agro-tech-economics since 2010, and obtained a government second prize from Shaanxi province in 2003.

Wang has presided and finished three government projects since 2010, and now is taking charge of the project of Farmer Cooperatives Vertical Integration from National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.