Zhu Yuchun

1. Personal Particulars Zhu Yuchun, female, Professor and Tutor for Doctors, born in Miyun County Beijing in March 1970. She got the Bachelor’s Degree at Northwest Agricultural University in 1992. She has been a teaching staff in this school since then. In 1997, she got the degree of Master of Management in Northwest Agricultural University. In 2000, she got the degree of Doctor of Management in Northwest Agricultural University. From September 2002 to September 2004, she had studied in the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the Post Doctor Degree. In June 2005, she visited UNU-WIDER for academic communication. From September to October 2006, she visited Cornell University, Texas A&M University, Purdue University and the State University of New Jersey for academic communication. From February 2008 to January 2009, she conducted on-the-job training and cooperative research at Economics Department Lomonosov Moscow State University.
She is now also a member of the Council of Chinese Association of Agro-Technical Economics and a scientist holding a position in Shaanxi Modern Agriculture Technology Innovation System. In 2005, she was chosen as “Distinguished Young Scholar” of A&F University. In 2008, she was granted the title of “Higher Level Intellectual Property Rights Talent” by Shaanxi province. In 2009, she was honored “Excellent Teacher” of Northwest A&F University and won third prize of Shaanxi social science achievements (listed top 1).

2. Area of Specialty
Agricultural Economics Management, Technology and Investment Economics, Public Economics

3´╝ÄCourses Lectured
She has lectured Econometrics, Agro-technical Economics, System Engineering for undergraduates and Advanced Technology Economics, Management System Engineering for postgraduates.
Till now 18 postgraduates have got their degree under her tuition. 3 postgraduates and 6 Doctors are pursuing their degree under her tuition.

4. Academic Accomplishments
Since 1992, she has devoted herself to theoretical research and practices regarding trade in agricultural products, the sustainable development of agriculture and rural pubic goods. She has participated in National Soft Science Projects titled “Study on China’s Agricultural Intellectual Property Rights Management Counter-Measures in the Post-WTO Age” and “Study on the Construction of Agricultural Science and Technology Service System at Grassroots Level”. Also she has played a part in the project supported by Shaanxi Natural Science Foundation titled “Study on the Transformation and Upgrade Mechanism and Countermeasure of Shaanxi Agricultural Industry”. In addition, she has participated in the project supported by key program of Yangling hi-tech Zone. The title of the project is “Study on the Planning of the Development of Agricultural Industry in Yangling Hi-Tech Zone”. She has chaired and finished several projects like “ Study on The Management Mechanism and Countermeasures of China’s Agro Technology Intellectual Property Rights” supported by China Post Doctor Natural Science Foundation; “ Technology Selection and Innovation in the Sustainable Development of Agriculture” supported by sub-key-soft-program of Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China; “ The influence and Countermeasure of Foreign Countries’ Technology Barriers to Trade on the Export of Our Country’s Agricultural Products” supported by National Social Science Foundation; “ Study on the Improvement of Rural Public Service” supported by Soft Science Program of Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China; “The Status Quo of Aquatic Industry and Fresh Water Aquaculture in Russia” supported by the program of Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China; “ Research on the Pushing Effect of Technology Innovation to the Development of Shaanxi Agriculture — from the Perspective of Technology Economy Evaluation” supported by Soft Science Program of Shaanxi; “ the Leading Effect of Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Zone on the Agriculture Industrialization of Shaanxi” supported by the planning program of Philosophy and Social Science; “ Research on the Effective Management Model and Policy Mechanism of Agricultural Enterprises’ Intellectual Property Rights Protection” supported by the program of “Distinguished Young Scholars” of Northwest A&F University; “ Research on the Harmonious Development of Shaanxi Rural Economy” supported by the key program of Special Funds of Social Science Foundation of Northwest A&F University. She has co-chaired the project “Research on the Development Strategy of Northwest A&F University National University Science and Tech Park” supported by the program of Soft Science Of Shaanxi. Currently, she is chairing several projects such as “Research on the Feasibility and Model Selection of Private Capital’s Participation in the Infrastructure Industry in Resource-Abundant Areas of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia” supported by the program of Social Science of Ministry of Education; “Research on the Technology Innovation System of Corn Industry” supported by the program of Agriculture Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government; “ Research on the Evaluation and Optimization of Investment Efficiency of Public Goods in Less Developed Areas–from the Perspective of Peasant Household Satisfaction” supported by special fund for basic research of Northwest A&F University National University; “Research on the Supply of Rural Public Goods in Yangling Hi-Tech Zone” supported by the program of Bureau of Finance of Yangling Hi-Tech Zone.
In recent years, she has published, in core publications such as Economic Science, China Soft Science, Chinese Rural Economy, Problems of Agricultural Economy, Journal of Agritechnical Economics, China Agricultural Economic Review, Chinese Journal of Population Sciencemore than 60 papers, among which 15 have been fully quoted or excerpted by Journal of Agricultural Economics and New China Excerpt, more than 20 have been cited by source publications of CSSCI. Among these, the one titled “Analysis of the Correlation between Chinese Agricultural-Type Township Enterprises’ Technology Development and China’s Agricultural Growth”, which was published in 2006, has won the third prize of the 9th Session of Shaanxi Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Achievements. She has publicized 5 monographs and course books.
The course Econometrics lectured by her has been assessed as Model Course of Northwest A&F University in 2007.

5. Contact Information
: College of Economics and Management Northwest A&F University
No. 3 Taicheng Road , Yangling, Shaanxi, China
Post Code : 712100
Mobile Phone : 13152009346
E-mail :,