SHI Baofeng


20772dc17b594b26b49f2da31f84c986.pngName:SHI Baofeng

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Basic Information

SHI Baofeng, Male, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Research Center on Credit and Big Data Analytics, Northwest A&F University.

Admission Orientation: Agricultural Economic Management (PhD); Industrial Economics, Regional Economics (Master degree); Finance (Professional Master Degree)

Office:  C-612, College of Economics and Management

Phone : +86-29-8708 2039



PhD, Financial Engineering, School of Economics and Management, Dalian University of Technology, September 2010 ~ May 2014

M.A., Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics, Taiyuan University of Technology, September 2006 ~ July 2009

Working Experience

Lecturer, College of Economics and Management, May 2014 ~ Dec 2016, College of Economics and Management, NWAFU

Associate Professor, Jan 2017 ~ Mar 2020, College of Economics and Management, NWAFU

Professor, Apr 2020 ~ Present, College of Economics and Management, NWAFU

Research Interests

Financial inclusion; Credit risk management; Financial engineering; Policy risk assessment

Course Teaching

Game Theory and Information Economics, Asset Pricing and Risk Management

Scientific Research Achievements

1. Research Projects

[1] Study on credit rating and loan pricing of family farms, NSFC, Host, Jan 2022 ~ Dec 2025

[2] Study on credit Evaluation of rural individual Industrial and commercial households, NSFC, Host, Jan 2019 ~ Dec 2022

[3] Research on credit rating of farmer's microfinance, NSFC, Host, Jan 2016 ~ Dec 2018

2. Papers

[1] Shibing You *, Tingyi Liu, Miao Zhang, Xue Zhao, Yizhe Dong *, Bi Wu, Yanzhen Wang, Juan Li, Xinjie Wei,  Baofeng Shi  *. African swine fever outbreaks in China led to GDP and economic losses [J].  Nature Food , 2021, Vol. 2, 802-808. DOI: 10.1038/s43016-021-00362-1. (SCI Q1, Reported by Nature as the Research Highlight)

[2] Yang Lu, Lian Yang,  Baofeng Shi * Jiaxiang Li, Mohammad Zoynul Abedin*. A novel framework of credit risk feature selection for SMEs in Industry 4.0 [J].  Annals of Operations Research , 2022-06-15. Accepted. (ABS/AJG 3, SSCI Q1)

[3] Yue Sun #, Nana Chai #, Yizhe Dong,  Baofeng Shi *. Assessing and predicting small industrial enterprises’ credit ratings: A fuzzy decision making approach [J].  International Journal of Forecasting , 2022, 38(3): 1158-1172. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2022.01.006. (ABS/AJG 3, SSCI Q1)

[4] Victor Medina-Olivares, Raffaella Calabrese, Yizhe Dong and  Baofeng Shi *. Spatial dependence in microfinance credit default [J].  International Journal of Forecasting , 2022, 38(3): 1071-1085. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2021.05.009. (ABS/AJG 3, SSCI)

[5] Chunguang Bai*,  Baofeng Shi *, Feng Liu and Joseph Sarkis. Banking Credit Worthiness: Evaluating the Complex Relationships [J].  Omega-International Journal of Management Science , 2019, 83, 26-38. doi: 10.1016/ (ABS/AJG 3, SSCI Q1)

[6]  Baofeng Shi *#, Xue Zhao#, Bi Wu, Yizhe Dong. Credit rating and microfinance lending decisions based on loss given default (LGD) [J].  Finance Research Letters , 2019, 30: 124-129. DOI: (ABS/AJG 2, SSCI Q1)

[7]  Baofeng Shi  #*, Guotai Chi*, Weiping Li. Exploring the mismatch between credit ratings and loss-given-default: A credit risk approach [J].  Economic Modelling , 2020, 85: 420-428. DOI: (ABS/AJG 2, SSCI Q1)