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报告题目(Title):埃及城乡之间的城市扩张和迁移:内部迁移真的能改善福利吗?(Urban Sprawl and Migration Across Rural and Urban Areas in Egypt: Does Internal Migration Really Improve Welfare?)

报告人:Assem Abu Hatab

内容简介(Abstract):Fueled by urbanization together with associated environmental and socioeconomic change, Egypt has witnessed rapid uncontrolled internal migratory movements during the past few decades. As it is the case in other developing countries, the study of internal migration in Egypt has received little attention, despite its increasingly recognized long-term impacts and inextricably links to sustainable development. Using data from the latest round a nationally-representative Labor Market Panel Survey conducted in 2012, we examined the determinants and welfare effects of internal migration in Egypt. The empirical results confirm that drivers and welfare effects of internal migration vary considerably in relation to different internal spatial movements, gender and age groups. Generally, the probability to migrate within the country is greater for younger, highly educated and individuals with non-permanent employment. Unsurprisingly, the results reveal that there is a higher probability for individuals to move to urban areas than to rural areas. In relation to welfare impacts, the study finds a significant positive effect of internal migration on migrant’s welfare. Especially, rural-rural and urban-urban types of migration were observed to be welfare enhancing. However, we found insignificant welfare effect of rural-urban migration. Conceding age and gender, the results suggest that females and older migrants are expected to achieve higher welfare gains from internal migration. These findings underscore important implications that may inform future research and policies for effective management of internal migration to make the most of its sustainable development impacts in Egypt and potentially other developing countries experiencing increasing internal migration trends.

报告人简介(CV of invited speaker):Assem Abu Hatab,男,博士,瑞典农业大学(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)经济系的助理教授,瑞典农业大学自然资源与农业科学学院全球开发项目和合作协会会员,政府间气候变化专门委员会会员,瑞典隆德大学中东研究中心高级研究员,美国布朗大学沃森国际研究所博士后,挪威生命科学大学、中国农业政策中心(CCAP)和科维努斯大学(Corvinus University)访问学者。研究领域主要包括:发展中国家农业生产系统与粮食安全,城市扩张与发展中国家的资源利用,农产品贸易及其政策分析等。Assem Abu Hatab曾参与撰写《第六次IPCC评估报告》,先后获得开放社会基金会的公民社会学者奖、阿拉伯社会与经济发展基金会杰出学者奖等荣誉。